Wednesday, February 18, 2009

formula d. no love here.

formula d, is the american equivalent of the D1GP in japan. but calling them an equivalent is an insult to the japanese founders. the cars and drivers are so different. “FD” cars on the “professional” level are all purpose built race cars with mountains of financial backing. well, at least before this whole economic crunch. but, back to my original train of thought. japanese “D1” cars are all pretty much street driven and have so much more style and character. speaking of character, FD doesnt have drivers like D1 does. D1 has guys like nomuken, kazama, and orido. FD has rhys millen, tanner foust, and gittin. personally those guys all seem like d-bags. maybe the D1 guys are jerks in real life, but man do they put on a much better show. i mean come on, nomuken wears or wore at least, a helmet with a teddy bear face painted on it. i dunno, maybe im a jerk, but thats just how i see it.

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