Wednesday, July 29, 2009


time for an intro.

my name is dang, and im addicted to the internet. not just the porn either.

i started this blog to showcase what we do to cars and bikes on the track. and lately its turned into a bit of a street car blog after checkin out what the boys at risky devil and hellaflush do. and then delving even deeper into this world of car blogs and seein all these sick cars, gave me so much inspiration to roll the hardest set of SC's in so cal. i mean, theres a ton of super clean show car-esque SC's here, but none that just beat up the streets daily. you can find us cruisin around the valley lookin for a good place to eat. or carvin up a canyon heading to the beach. whatever it is, better believe we are scrapin, smokin tires, and doin it right.

so we are the hellfish racing boys. and we like to party.

ill have milton get his lazy ass in here and post up. hes busy takin care of his ol lady. shes got the summer flu. feel better cayan!

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