Monday, October 5, 2009

metal as art part deux

i love seeing projects come together. i love things more when people have the resources and skill to do the fab themselves. i myself am not as comfortable as i should be with fab. i should really invest in a welder and more tools.

anyhow, when i was living with my friend we would always talk about shows like monster garage and american chopper and so forth. we'd watch all the bits and pieces come to life, beaten and welded together. hed always ask me if i would hit my girlfriends, hahaha. he said the reason was that metal workers beat the things that they loved. ah, lol. im not abusive. just a drunk.

so i found this build thread on CL. check it out.


  1. No thank you man, great blog. Which car do you own again dangle? Your not uzz-tt by the way right?

  2. I have that picture in my archives of your car. Sick.