Thursday, October 15, 2009


hellaflush always brings me exposure to some of the most stylish cars all over the world. and i love it. im thinking of gettin a set of RPF1. but in a much more conservative offset so i can run a massive tire. its fine, my weds are in a more aggro offset for the street. besides i think my SC would look sick with some Enkeis wrapped in some meaty R Compounds.


  1. Get the 18x9.5 +38 and space accordingly :] RPF1's are my favorite, but have you seen the new Enkei wheels? Look like CR Kai's but probably light as hell, and the only thing I know is they'll have a relatively high offset 10.5 for Subaru/Lexus owners.

  2. what model are the new enkeis? i wanna see em. i have a deal on a rear pair of RPF1 18x10 +38. i had a +35 in the rear with a 275 before i moved to the Weds so i think ill be alright. the front pair ill prob go with the 18x9.5. ill grab em through my tire rack acct.

  3. I think they're called PF-01's. No real details about them yet, they're going to be "unveiled" at SEMA.