Tuesday, November 17, 2009

gentleman driver.

been a long long month. its finally dying down and i can have some time to relax. SEMA has come and gone, Redline Time Attack has come and gone, all thats left is the 2 speedventures events and no more track time for the year. 2010 looks to be far more ramped up than previous years though. im ok with that. seems like every year is getting more and more intense.

the hemi is about done with all of the machining and honing. all thats left is the crank to go in and we can start the shortblock assemble. rods and pistons are balanced and weighed. the new intake manifold is port matched to the heads. and life is good. heres a pic of the initial inspection for the port matching process.
630 ci. 800 on pump. mated to a 5 speed. good lord.

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