Friday, November 13, 2009

Lexus Challenge (3)

spent the better part of thursday at the roval. bit of an intimate occasion with the new baby from lexus the LFA. christ, say what you will, but that car is what dreams are made of. didnt hurt that scott pruett was the one flogging it around the infield with the lucky few plastered in the seat, praying to whatever god they believe in. our own paul aka t0e got the sick chance to take a ride with him. hell, he even got the ride along the bank at 173. also got a little auto cross fun with the ISF and the Fsport equipped cars.

even had a little time to do a little photoshoot.


  1. Dang dude,their cars look badass... I wish I was able to run TA.. Dang broke ankle! Lexxo

  2. ah dude. hows that leg doin man? we'll be out all day sunday, come on out and hang man.

  3. I might be able to afford one in 20 years :-( I love it, I want one!