Wednesday, November 18, 2009

our work is never over.

i think every forum and site i go to, i see people bashing on rollin slammed, and hellaflush. its mostly people online that have too much time on their hands and just have to hate on something. look, i cant stand lookin at some of your ugly ass rides, but i dont say mean shit to you. although maybe i should, it might snap your ass out of putting ill fitting, and equally ugly wheels on. with a ridiculous ride height. i dont mind stretched tires for street cruisin and the occasional canyon run. which most people can relate to cause well, it seems like getting forum people to a track is like pulling teeth. but on the track i wanna run some meaty tires.

bottom line, i hate people.


  1. agreed, people suck. i wonder if i should start being an internet hater and putting people on blast. time for a collabo blog? i think i have too much hate to come from one person lol.

  2. lol, screw it, i already made it ( going to make you an author.

  3. I already followed after i checked up on your blog EQH lol.

    I agree though, I enjoy track events in my STI but I still like to be low and a lil "flush" with the style of my car. I tend to think the majority of car people can appreciate all types of style/performance. I hope?