Wednesday, November 25, 2009


bit of an LOL kinda weekend. so its confirmed that the spring rates on the KW's for the ISF are junk. even with R compounds the car is all over the place. so currently the car is worse than stock. how does that even happen. onto the LOL part, while sitting around after a session paul walker comes up and starts askin me about my helmet. hahaha. thats right, paul walker. and thats his GT2 up above there. apparently he owns half of AE performance. anyhow, he hung out for a couple sessions and split.


  1. lol, even as crappy as the FnF series was, the man is a car guy and so he gets love for that. stance has IS coilovers ;]

  2. theyre some prototype shit. we are sending the car up to get revalved and have new springs put on. yeah all kidding aside, the dude was really cool and he could drive. whats a set of stance for my sc400 run?