Saturday, November 28, 2009

totally unrelated...

over the years ive noticed something about meeting online friends. most are really weird in person. reason for being online friends i guess. they get weird and clingy. well, not all but most do. i have a pretty solid group of friends that ive known for a while, and events with them usually take precedence. simple as that. but said "friends" dont get that, so they blow my shit up tryin to get me to hang out. its like seriously? my ol lady doesnt even blow my shit up, so what makes you think ill want to hang out? and then there are the guilt trips, oh man. yeah, i REALLY love when i get guilt trips from people. oh, cause you were bored with your life, i have to drop what im doing to entertain you right? no, thats not how this works. always complaining about how your friends dont wanna hang out, theres a FUCKING REASON for that. youre just too dumb to notice. maybe im an asshole, maybe not. just dont be clingy, and needy thats all im sayin.

but mucho thanks and love to my friends that i actually like. thats why i keep you monkeys around.

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