Saturday, November 7, 2009

triumphant return.

massive rear diffuser for the lotus challenge exige.
pair of exige owned by tim and brent waiting to run at spring mountain/pahrump.
highly coveted LFA.
Hotchkis Challenger that Jonny never brought over.
ISF and a 400HP 5-Series Wagon.

havent updated worth a shit eh? went to SEMA. had fun, saw cool stuff. met cool people. went to dinner with ross petty. real cool guy. hilarious crew. all in all life is good. now to prep for redline.


  1. did you get the hear the lf-a in person? if so, then i am jealous. that car would give me an eargasam.

  2. not yet. i will on thursday. theres a private event with scott pruett. should be fun. ill take some video for you.

  3. I'll say it once and I'll say it again, REAR DIFFUSERS = INSTANT STREET CRED!

    Nice post, got any more pics of that 5-series? What was done to it?

  4. just the one.

  5. man that thing needs some nicer wheels

  6. the car is extremely clean. tuned by dinan himself. the owner went to sema to actually look at new wheels in the flesh and see what he liked. hes leaning hard toward SSR Type F. or ADVAN RS