Friday, December 18, 2009

prosperity and good fortune

tech art i believe. GT Street RS. antonio posted this up on the motormavens tumblr blog. i immediately dropped whatever i had in my hands to stare and drool for a few minutes. im a big fan of porsche, i plan to own one or two in the near future. just waiting things out right now.

money has been tight this year, its been terrible for business. everyone really retracted alot since the whole meltdown with the stock market. and it hit us. not as badly as it could have but we definitely felt it. i am very grateful that we are still up and running. and i look forward to 2010 being a very prosperous year. the year is coming to an end very quickly.

looking back ive had much less projects to take in and that kinda bothers me. looks like i have a few to start with in the new year so ill be happy with that. mainly getting my baby back on the road and getting the 57 pickup hummin. working on an art project too. stay tuned for that one.

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