Wednesday, December 23, 2009

sit down. shut the fuck up.

so we are currently waiting on the schedule for 2010 for everything really, redline, speedventures, willow springs, all of it. i dont really plan on heading to AAA speedway (Roval) for anything other than redline this year. that track can suck my cock.

all these motherfuckers still talking shit about stretched tires and hellafunchtional this and that. idiots, all of em. yeah you can run a 275+ tire all you want. but if youre just driving around on the street, shut the fuck up. and on top of that, what kinda tire is that? oh some piece of shit knockoff brand? well then you need to sit the fuck down.

for example, some guy over the weekend was clownin on the issue of stretched tires and how you cant turn fast with em, this, that and another. yet, when we go through the canyon, hes dead last and waaayyyy too far back. oh, excuse me, im in my stock subaru legacy on all season tires, where was your BMW??? oh thats right, back there....with a sack of excuses.

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  1. hahaha yes! haters make for good entertainment. and merry christmas