Thursday, January 21, 2010

sea shanty's

i was having lunch at the empanada place (johnny pacific). and he had the usual surf vids on. and i started thinking about the times we went to the beach every other day during summer. so when i think of the beach i always have this vision of everyone crammed into one car boards strapped to the top or hanging out the back, cruisin down kanan rd. blasting sublime or some kinda reggae/ska/rocksteady. man, that was a lloooooongggg time ago. i think we should bring that back this year.

maybe you douchers with the roof racks can put em to use...

1 comment:

  1. youl never see douchers with roof racks put surf boards on cause to them surf boards just arent as hip as a homo looking bike that costs more than a 94 nissan maxima and looks like it belongs to an old man with its massive wheels and femenine handle bars which are usually accompanied by non-other than the actual douche who is usually spotted wearing rolled up pants or capri-style pants with some hipster visvim shoes and a fatlace t-shirt. These guys are usually 5'9'' and carry DSLR cameras around their necks and have the need to take pictures of every "exotic" piece of asian Cuisine that they eat out there to make them selves feel more hip and more exclusive then the next guy. To to top it off they have to eat with chop sticks to appear more cultured. As if all this wasn't bad enough, they'l put it up on their trendy blog too which is filled with an insulting amount of these asian cuisine photos and blogs about trivial shit such as oragami and parties that 12 people went to at some local sneaker store where they pose with cheap liquer.
    Sorry for the you said "douchers" I felt the need to express myself. But atleast you inspired me to write about my next blog post :-)