Monday, January 18, 2010

so we are a few weeks into 2010. everything is going great so far. im on to posting my obligatory thank you post. it really makes me smile that i have followers and am featured on several blog rolls.

JasonsGrainofSalt - first place i saw my blog on the roll. and he has GREAT content. its not updated several times daily, but when it is, you know its gold.

Risky Devil - big thanks to Leigh and AJ. id say about 80 percent of my random viewers come in from there. i dont really need to say much about them do i?

RA64Freddy - fellow toyota man. fellow lover of boobs. thanks for featurin my street sweeper on your blog man. and if you want car sex, look this kid up.

SuperTerrificHappyCarBlog - Mickie(sp?) one of the cool kids from the east coast. another blogger on a budget, with a dope car. hope you guys can dig out of the snow!

Nuckin Futs - Marko, the other cool east coaster, not one to bite his tongue, and we love him for it. and well, he's a fellow SC head, much points!

EQH Integration - EARL! also part of the Risky Devil crew. super track star, and fellow heavy drinker.

JDMEGO - we all know Jay, hes got style and all the cool toys.

so, thank you all, apologies if ive forgotten anyone, its monday morning and im high on gasoline fumes and still a little drunk from last night.


  1. Whats the sp mean? Yea thanks man, I was really honored when you guys added me at Hellfish. Most of the people that I've encountered that do automotive blog from the West Coast always show love. You guys are a lot more chill. Less acting hard and more doing instead. Please keep posting Thanks Dangle!

  2. Thank you for the shout out sir. May 2010 bring you money, virgins girls, and much success. Its really cool to get some west coast love man and Mickie and I can't thank you enough. Maybe one day we can all link up and throw down a super terrific car meet and we'l trade chuck taylors for timberlands as a peace token and symbol of the merging of our two fine coasts :-P Thank you sir! Keep posting man! HASTA SIEMPRE!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Dangle.
    Hope you have a great 2010 and beyond.