Saturday, February 27, 2010

recalls and the media.

ive not really chimed in on the whole toyota recall issue. but i want everyone to be clear on how i feel about this whole situation. there has been so much in the news, blogs, and internet, about the whole debacle. i support toyota 100 percent. they have been a part of my family and will always be. the issues should have been handled differently and much better. perhaps this would have been shed in a different light. but then again, the media does have the uncanny effect of blowing things way out of proportion. ive known this for some time now, so i take all stories with a grain of salt. while i do not believe that floor mats or what have you caused these accidents, i do believe something is wrong. lets keep that straight, but not in such staggering numbers as everything has made it out to be. Akio Toyoda himself has taken responsibility on himself, and that to me, is a huge gesture on his part. and the fact that he has gone to washington, in front of congress and the NHTSA. so there have been various reports and stories on this whole case. right now, i would like to offer my condolences to families that have lost lives. but we should take from this tragedy, to teach drivers, not just to drive, but to also know how to react in these situations. drivers should have known what to do in these cases. people panicked and lost focus on what to do. not one of the toyotas/lexus in question had a strange automatic lever. all of them could have easily been placed in neutral and situations averted. but this is all hearsay really, since i was not present in any of those accidents.

the story that bothers me most is of CHP office Mark Saylor, i have no idea what the situation was but it apparently was due to unintended acceleration. i believe that officers should be taught on what to do in similar situations, yet his life and family members lives were lost. was something else terribly wrong?

so below ive place a few stories from autoblog and other sources.

this first link, is typical of a "news" source putting together a report on a widespread recall. much like the audi 5000 and GM side gas tank recall of the 80s and 90s, all of it is exagerrated to instill fear, and not really educate people.

story that shouldnt panic people

this one reports that they faked at least one part of the story.

this video below is of alex roy (Polizei 144) and JF from Fast Lane Daily, discussing the recall, and driver error. i agree with SEVERAL points in this video. this was also the main inspiration for this blog post.

i want everyone and i mean EVERYONE to take all of this and realize that, your car must be in good shape maintenance wise, you never know whats gonna happen in an emergency. mainly your brake system. i cannot stress that enough, at least once a day i can hear people going down the street with a horribly worn brake system screeching and grinding all day. yet, they keep on driving. so please, get your car checked often, and maintain it.

Friday, February 26, 2010

to be xtreme

major FAP alert. this SC does it right in everyway. Japan brings it hard. whereas here, we have tacky mother fuckers, and fools that run IS and 350z wheels on their cars.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

haha, well theres been a influx of views in here. thanks to linkage from Jay over at JDMEGO. a new batch of stickers went out this morning. but then i get a flood of emails from people wanting to buy, and some that are just downright rude. i dont get it. lotsa luck with that attitude.

i get the stickers and send em out to people that are kind enough to say whats up and share ideas. not to people who demand them and bring nothing to the table.

also the stickers i sent out were from the old logo. the new logo that UZZ-TT made up which is the current header is being sent to me as we speak. have to check em out first before i order another batch to be sent out. so keep an eye out!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i want your opinion on this. watch the other crazy shit too.

every day is anew

since ive been home everyday since saturday night, not doing jack shit. ive been making my plan of attack for the 57 pickup. have to get the frame, battle version will hopefully be boxing it for me. and ill do the rest of the transfer of parts, in the coming month. and if this works out, ill have a frame to begin my rat truck. stance wise, id like this one to be built up like the one above. for the rat, mostly rusted panels, and dents here and there. sitting on fatty fat wheels. clean wheels none the less. and a gorgeous looking engine under the hood. maybe not even american.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

shooting brake

not too sure of the term but the car is a bad ass. i was lookin at AJ's (riskydevil) blog, and came across that sick ride. not really much else to say.

Monday, February 22, 2010

hot off the press.

the new stickers are in. and they have been sent out in the mail. Mickie and Marko, i need your addresses. EQH, SRS, and JDMEGO, yours are on the way. email me the address to tularisgp at gmail dot com. thanks for the support guys.

Friday, February 19, 2010


green with envy.

big ups to EQH for getting accepeted to 2 outta 3 schools he applied to so far. hope you get all the grants, and scholarships you can my friend.

so ive been lurking and scouring the blog roll. i like comin up on new blogs through the friends i have on here. i particularly like the build threads blog. i found it a few months ago from i dont remember where, i think Jay at JDMEGO. he just updated again today because the site has moved. anyhow, go check it out, theres such sick content. and oh yeah, spirited drive still has the amazing shit too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

get happy.

Drift Mechanik's Keep Drifting Fun from Joshua Herron on Vimeo.

so im comin home last night from my trip to montreal. and i get on the net at the airport in Minnesota. im searching around my usual blogs/sites/zines and i find out that will roegge and joshua herron are gonna be campaigning around the us filming drift events in a van. awesome. and eating peanut butter. even more awesome. i like will, he is a friend of mine, so i text him immediately, and he seemed very excited. so im happy for him and where this has all taken him. good luck to will and josh in 2010. thank you both for keeping it real.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hard life.

theres too many kids out there with delusions of grandeur. they end up getting way ahead of themselves and most get hurt. guys buy evos, sti's, M3, M5, all kinds of fast toys. they spend a little bit of time going fast(at least they think so), through some canyons and think theyre the bees knees. well im here to rain on their parade. ive been a part of the motorsports industry for a short time, and ive already seen enough bullshit and shenanigans with some of these people. it gets irritating because cash is king. if i had it my way most of these fools would be on tricycles going round and round. they cant shift right, dont brake in the right sections, the line is terrible, the fear is overwhelming them. its just not safe.

car above is a corvette gran sport replica from superformance. gorgeous.

Monday, February 8, 2010

backwards land.

so we help people go up too. just lifted a tacoma yesterday. Old Man Emu lift kit, straight outta Australia. and i forget where the bumper came from. all i know is that it weighed a ton, and my back is super sore today. and yes, we worked on super bowl sunday, none of us gave a fuck about football so we decided it would be more fun to drink beer at the shop. besides, that shit is whack anyway.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

support for haiti.

so we all know the devastation that happened in haiti weeks ago. there is still time to make a donation. and if you need a bit of motivation. EQH is making WFC stickers for haiti. to get them, make a donation. 10 bucks for 1 sticker. 15 for 2 of em. hes a good man for doing this. i made my donation last week while i was shopping for snacks at costco.