Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hard life.

theres too many kids out there with delusions of grandeur. they end up getting way ahead of themselves and most get hurt. guys buy evos, sti's, M3, M5, all kinds of fast toys. they spend a little bit of time going fast(at least they think so), through some canyons and think theyre the bees knees. well im here to rain on their parade. ive been a part of the motorsports industry for a short time, and ive already seen enough bullshit and shenanigans with some of these people. it gets irritating because cash is king. if i had it my way most of these fools would be on tricycles going round and round. they cant shift right, dont brake in the right sections, the line is terrible, the fear is overwhelming them. its just not safe.

car above is a corvette gran sport replica from superformance. gorgeous.

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  1. These are usually the same kids who end up crashing the cars too. You constantly hear stories of some spoiled rich brat getting the newest or latest toy and ends up crashing it. I'll tell you a quick story:

    When the GT-R came out in the states, the second person in New York to get one was this spoiled rich brat who was 17 years old at the time. His mom bought it for him for his birthday (surprise, surprise...all I got for mine was a gas card at Mobile). He ended up totalling the car in 2 weeks of purchase. The end.

    It goes to show that you can pay for school but you can't buy class. Some people shouldn't be driving, or driving a certain style of car. I know the feeling you are talking about, its like seeing a kid that you KNOW is a total asshole driving a really expensive car or the same car as you and you just know that they dont appreciate it. The initial reaction is you wanting to punch their dick off. Ofcourse you have to be extremely manly to do that, im talking hairy eye-balls manly seeing as the amount of force necessary to do that is somewhere within the realm of a spartan warrior and a kodiak bear.

    It's just a shame that we cannot put people like this through a screening test. They should make a law that if someone is going to purchase a sports car, they have to go before a commitee or something cause things are getting way out of hand.