Tuesday, March 30, 2010

oh lord, what an exhausting weekend. F1 in Aussie land was nuts! i feel so bad for Vettel. he was rollin smooth and calm at the front, and bam, failure. Alonso was about pissing me off, and too bad for Hamilton having to stop in and losing position. he wasnt too happy on the radio at the end there. congrats goes to Jenson Button for pickin up back to back wins in Australia. and then, we departed Sunday morning for Redline Time Attack. we got there and went straight for the AE performance booth. met up with our friends, and settled right in. Paul Walker was there, being bombarded by fans and overzealous people. so the roster was Paul Dentice in the 370Z, Paul Walker in the M3, and Richie Taylor in the 335i. sadly on our arrival, we find out Richies car had a fuel pump issue and was out for the day. Paul and the 370z were quite confident, other Paul and the M3 were just getting familiar with each other and the track. so after the dust settled, Dentice and the 370z came out on top of the Enthusiast class RWD set. so congrats to the guys at AE Performance. looks like we will be contending with the Z this season. hope he goes easy on us.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lexus Challenge (6)

heres the newest shot of the ISF. sent to me from mr Burke. fresh out of the shop.

-Enkei NT03
-Falken RT-615K
-custom KW V3 coilovers
-uber rare OS Giken Super Locker LSD
-Injen intake
-Cobra Suzuka pro bucket
-Schroth harness

we will be at redline this weekend. most likely in the AE performance section. come on by.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

i dont really need to say much here.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

cold chicago nights.

"highly controversial" cars here. hahaha. even those chilly nights dont keep em away from driving like they should. so yeah, fuck what haters have to say. no parking lot pimpin here.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lexus Challenge (5)

so here we are. the LSD from our friends at OS Giken is about in. got some progress pics from the boys at AE Performance. Redline is this weekend, so things should be exciting.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

time for an adventure.

so last night i drove on down to venice and feasted on grilled cheese sandwiches with the connoiseur himself, Mr. Will Roegge. the same WR thats filmed countless vids for Speedhunters, Formula D, and All Star Bash. some people may have issues with him for filming grass in slow motion. but the rest absolutely love his work. so last night during dinner, i had asked him a million questions about his upcoming cross country trip for Keep Drifting Fun. Will and fellow video magician Joshua Herron will pile into a 74 VW Westfalia van and cruise slowly across America filming grassroots drift events and some Formula D stops.

So, Will is a really nice guy. and i dont say this just to say it, hes a good friend. everytime i run into him at an event he usually greets with a smile and a handshake, never brushes anyone off. thats how you do things. but i really admire this effort for his trip, he is actually doing alot of the prep work for the van himself. and that means countless hours grinding and sanding the shit out of the paint job on the ol westy. below is a time lapse vid to show you the massive effort in getting the van ready for the open road in about a month.

so a few beers were consumed and we went on outside to find the grilled cheese truck closing up, but we were there to wait on the kogi truck. after discussing where he would visit and what theyd do, it amazed me. they were in for quite a trip, and quite the welcome from some of the crews theyd be running with all along the country. hope you guys really enjoy the midwest bash. that should be awesome.

so good luck and godspeed on the trip guys.

fashionably late. lol. takin it back to 09 right now.

everywhere this vid is posted, all i see is bitch ass people complaining. wahhh, hes driving drunk, wahhh theres too many f-bombs, waaahhhh. you guys are kidding right? i hate how PC and whiny the world has become. im sure mr chob, wasnt drunk. but try partying and waking up at 5am. youll feel like crap too. and then the whole complaint on f-bombs? seriously. what the fuck is the matter with you people. most of you that comment on forums/blogs/whatever, are a fucking waste of life. i dont understand the thought process you all have, its all backwards. i dont want you to think i condone drunk driving here, i dont. but if some people wanna do it, eff it, let em do it.

then the people whining about spinouts and whatever. fuckers expecting it all to be perfect and smooth as glass. no, ASB wasnt meant to be pretty, its about having a good time with cool people. it was HOT as FUCK out there, so yeah, sorry if the drivers werent perfect for your viewing pleasure. fuck off. i want to run these people over while drinking a beer to make it that much sweeter.

hell, i made it into the credits. look for Dang Le on the thank you's.

like i said Risky Devil, glad you guys could make it out. and im glad you enjoyed the in n out.

Monday, March 15, 2010

mopar = mo power.

ive always liked these cars. i always wanted the magnum SRT, with the charger front end. that would be tits. dropped low on wheels kinda like this, maybe not 22s, but something flush and proper. no more of these ugly ass chromed 22s with candy paint. so im glad to see this one makin the rounds, its tough.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

someones vagina is hurt. this is the kinda thing that happens when people's heads get pumped up, and they think theyre above everyone.

Heres where things get hairy. scroll down. ill roller being AJ from Risky Devil, obviously. pointless shit talking ensues. typical thread closure, who really gives a crap? hes been needlessly calling people out on the club lexus forum. its getting ridiculous.

heres where the fun starts.

this dude chimed in to back up AJ.

hell hath no fury like a man with low self esteem.

this is all so entertaining to me. my head is pounding this morning, so its even better.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


enjoy. thanks MotorMavens.

got money?

for 80k you can score a platinum Z432. whats a z432? its a japan only fairlady model powered by the S20 straight six from the C10 GTR. oooh, fancy.... all brought to you in part by Tomica, and Ginza Tanaka.

Monday, March 8, 2010

recalls and the media.

ive not really chimed in on the whole toyota recall issue. but i want everyone to be clear on how i feel about this whole situation. there has been so much in the news, blogs, and internet, about the whole debacle. i support toyota 100 percent. they have been a part of my family and will always be. the issues should have been handled differently and much better. perhaps this would have been shed in a different light. but then again, the media does have the uncanny effect of blowing things way out of proportion. ive known this for some time now, so i take all stories with a grain of salt. while i do not believe that floor mats or what have you caused these accidents, i do believe something is wrong. lets keep that straight, but not in such staggering numbers as everything has made it out to be. Akio Toyoda himself has taken responsibility on himself, and that to me, is a huge gesture on his part. and the fact that he has gone to washington, in front of congress and the NHTSA. so there have been various reports and stories on this whole case. right now, i would like to offer my condolences to families that have lost lives. but we should take from this tragedy, to teach drivers, not just to drive, but to also know how to react in these situations. drivers should have known what to do in these cases. people panicked and lost focus on what to do. not one of the toyotas/lexus in question had a strange automatic lever. all of them could have easily been placed in neutral and situations averted. but this is all hearsay really, since i was not present in any of those accidents.

the story that bothers me most is of CHP office Mark Saylor, i have no idea what the situation was but it apparently was due to unintended acceleration. i believe that officers should be taught on what to do in similar situations, yet his life and family members lives were lost. was something else terribly wrong?

so below ive place a few stories from autoblog and other sources.

this first link, is typical of a "news" source putting together a report on a widespread recall. much like the audi 5000 and GM side gas tank recall of the 80s and 90s, all of it is exagerrated to instill fear, and not really educate people.

story that shouldnt panic people

this one reports that they faked at least one part of the story.

this video below is of alex roy (Polizei 144) and JF from Fast Lane Daily, discussing the recall, and driver error. i agree with SEVERAL points in this video. this was also the main inspiration for this blog post.

i want everyone and i mean EVERYONE to take all of this and realize that, your car must be in good shape maintenance wise, you never know whats gonna happen in an emergency. mainly your brake system. i cannot stress that enough, at least once a day i can hear people going down the street with a horribly worn brake system screeching and grinding all day. yet, they keep on driving. so please, get your car checked often, and maintain it.

Friday, March 5, 2010

race face (3)

so the FIA GT1 cars have all been unveiled for this season. im in love. glad to see the GTR back out there under the Sumo Power umbrella. Matech Ford should be comin pretty strong too. dont know who ill be rooting for just yet, but ill be keeping up this year. better than last i suppose. but man, that Blancpain Murci makes me skip a beat. ooh, so so pretty.

Jon Sibal posted a nice blog entry about it. Speedhunters just posted an article too. but jon had a vid in his of the unveiling. props to Jean Todt for rollin up in the Super Veloce Murci.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


so ive always pictured my home being mostly garage. i dont find myself needing much in the house department, a place to cook, a nice comfy sofa, and a great bed. i mostly need space for my cars and parts. the home above illustrates that pretty well, minus the bed, and kitchen. found the garage build on build threads. link at the bottom page for the original article. im seriously jealous.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

for everyone lovin the 240z. darius khashabi. blown LT1, IMSA widebody, HRE's, and just ridiculous.


its been rather slow in the shop. but ive been busy elsewhere. i think the last batch of the OG stickers that was the best. its a new gen now, so lets see. sorry about the delay for the guys i told id send out for. Jason and David, i sent em out. so keep an eye out. more are on the way. and some other vinyl might be gettin cut soon too. but just the tarmac terror text, i think thatd be cool. got the vinyl here, just need a plotter.

Monday, March 1, 2010


a legend in his own time. valentino balboni, playing around in his special edition LP-550-2. yes 2, for 2 wheel drive. none of this all wheel drive business.

'you need to control the car, the car does not control you.'

its amazing how many different models hes had involvment in. earl, i wish you good luck and this kind of longevity when you get in with red bull racing. as for me, ill settle with being in Leipzig, with porsche. ahaha.

flight pattern.

thats how wings are mounted properly. wings to keep the car grounded, and not to take off. interesting.