Wednesday, March 17, 2010

fashionably late. lol. takin it back to 09 right now.

everywhere this vid is posted, all i see is bitch ass people complaining. wahhh, hes driving drunk, wahhh theres too many f-bombs, waaahhhh. you guys are kidding right? i hate how PC and whiny the world has become. im sure mr chob, wasnt drunk. but try partying and waking up at 5am. youll feel like crap too. and then the whole complaint on f-bombs? seriously. what the fuck is the matter with you people. most of you that comment on forums/blogs/whatever, are a fucking waste of life. i dont understand the thought process you all have, its all backwards. i dont want you to think i condone drunk driving here, i dont. but if some people wanna do it, eff it, let em do it.

then the people whining about spinouts and whatever. fuckers expecting it all to be perfect and smooth as glass. no, ASB wasnt meant to be pretty, its about having a good time with cool people. it was HOT as FUCK out there, so yeah, sorry if the drivers werent perfect for your viewing pleasure. fuck off. i want to run these people over while drinking a beer to make it that much sweeter.

hell, i made it into the credits. look for Dang Le on the thank you's.

like i said Risky Devil, glad you guys could make it out. and im glad you enjoyed the in n out.

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  1. I agree with and support the use of more FUCK words with all star bash.