Tuesday, March 30, 2010

oh lord, what an exhausting weekend. F1 in Aussie land was nuts! i feel so bad for Vettel. he was rollin smooth and calm at the front, and bam, failure. Alonso was about pissing me off, and too bad for Hamilton having to stop in and losing position. he wasnt too happy on the radio at the end there. congrats goes to Jenson Button for pickin up back to back wins in Australia. and then, we departed Sunday morning for Redline Time Attack. we got there and went straight for the AE performance booth. met up with our friends, and settled right in. Paul Walker was there, being bombarded by fans and overzealous people. so the roster was Paul Dentice in the 370Z, Paul Walker in the M3, and Richie Taylor in the 335i. sadly on our arrival, we find out Richies car had a fuel pump issue and was out for the day. Paul and the 370z were quite confident, other Paul and the M3 were just getting familiar with each other and the track. so after the dust settled, Dentice and the 370z came out on top of the Enthusiast class RWD set. so congrats to the guys at AE Performance. looks like we will be contending with the Z this season. hope he goes easy on us.

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  1. sounds like an awesome weekend. how was the is on track?