Saturday, March 13, 2010

someones vagina is hurt. this is the kinda thing that happens when people's heads get pumped up, and they think theyre above everyone.

Heres where things get hairy. scroll down. ill roller being AJ from Risky Devil, obviously. pointless shit talking ensues. typical thread closure, who really gives a crap? hes been needlessly calling people out on the club lexus forum. its getting ridiculous.

heres where the fun starts.

this dude chimed in to back up AJ.

hell hath no fury like a man with low self esteem.

this is all so entertaining to me. my head is pounding this morning, so its even better.


  1. fudge I miised it. I love drama

  2. Typical behavior from an overly privilaged rich kid. People like that dont even warrant any attention. The guy who dick rode him is the equivalant of one of those small fish that cling onto the back of a shark and act as a parasite. His car is about as cool as AIDS. Someone please tell him to sell it!!

    P.S. thanks for the stickers!!

  3. im actually on AJ's side on this one. theres a lot of BS behind it, not gonna get into it on public shit.

  4. Haha, that was too funny... A few thread responses and a PM or two later, and I think he's finally given up on bothering me with that crap.

    And Nuckin' Futs, view image at the top of post.

  5. dam that black guy with the DUBZ does not deserve to drive a car at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im am holding back soooo much!what ever.well aj drifts hes car and its it gets beat up and bruised since it sees action.....understandible.camnber sc is more of a hard parker,not excactly my thing but the fitment movement is up and strong...ill admit that hes car looked sick with the EQUIPS and thats about it....every one got their own thing....but what that black guy did to hes SC's is unforgivable!!!!!!!again,im holding back soooooo much!nuff'

  6. let it out man, just let it out.