Wednesday, March 17, 2010

time for an adventure.

so last night i drove on down to venice and feasted on grilled cheese sandwiches with the connoiseur himself, Mr. Will Roegge. the same WR thats filmed countless vids for Speedhunters, Formula D, and All Star Bash. some people may have issues with him for filming grass in slow motion. but the rest absolutely love his work. so last night during dinner, i had asked him a million questions about his upcoming cross country trip for Keep Drifting Fun. Will and fellow video magician Joshua Herron will pile into a 74 VW Westfalia van and cruise slowly across America filming grassroots drift events and some Formula D stops.

So, Will is a really nice guy. and i dont say this just to say it, hes a good friend. everytime i run into him at an event he usually greets with a smile and a handshake, never brushes anyone off. thats how you do things. but i really admire this effort for his trip, he is actually doing alot of the prep work for the van himself. and that means countless hours grinding and sanding the shit out of the paint job on the ol westy. below is a time lapse vid to show you the massive effort in getting the van ready for the open road in about a month.

so a few beers were consumed and we went on outside to find the grilled cheese truck closing up, but we were there to wait on the kogi truck. after discussing where he would visit and what theyd do, it amazed me. they were in for quite a trip, and quite the welcome from some of the crews theyd be running with all along the country. hope you guys really enjoy the midwest bash. that should be awesome.

so good luck and godspeed on the trip guys.