Monday, April 26, 2010

shoulda just stayed home.

there are some pics, to quite possibly the worst race weekend ever.

las vegas, nv - round 3 of the redline time attack series. im not a fan of las vegas. i dont bother going unless its to take out of towners, or if we are going for an event. this weekend, was the latter, with a shitty ending. actually i should have taken a cue of how the weekend would pan out on arrival.

we roll into vegas at about 6pm saturday, the whole event had been up and running since friday so everyone was well settled and choppin it up on the course. we get through the gate, and meet with AE Performance and their rig. its nice to have a giant mobile home to sit in. news we get, M3 is out with clutch problems, 335i is out due to turbo singing its swan song. so thats 2 out of 8 friendlies down. fine, lets go to dinner, and regroup in the morning and knock this one out. if youre in vegas and hankering for a buffet run, i definitely recommend the wynn buffet. about 45 bucks but well worth it.

sunday morning 6am cruising to the track, we realize how sketchy the area where LV motor speedway is located. so we get to the track as fast as possible. register and get the car tech'd. worried that the car would be to low so we were expecting to be DQ'd from the start. it ended up barely passing. but we were held up because we didnt have fire protection. should have read the books. shit. well the downed cars at AE helped, so we cannibalize the extinguisher and bracket from the M3 and make our way back and get the ok to be on track. burke gets on, does some laps, then pit in. car isnt doin what its supposed to. and he wants the other sway bar in. so under the car i go. swap em out, and in the middle of installing the sway i notice the cv axle is spitting grease out. great. after deliberations, we decide that its best to just scrap the day and not beat the car up. reason being, we still needed to drive the 300 miles home.

so in the midst of all this the track setup was a little funny. there was no one at pit exit watching for cars and stopping people from just flying out there. i mean where we were they were metering the cars and warning them to keep an eye out before exiting. but pit exit was really far and long, so by the time you exited the rest of the cars were barreling down. someone was gonna get hit. and sadly paul dentice ended up a casualty. on one of his hot pracitce laps a guy in a dodge magnum came out of pit exit and didnt look. paul exited turn 2 and slammed into the back. ending the day for the AE 370z. the weekend would have been an easy win. but after that there was no coming back. hilariously though, he went to the officials and came back with new number plates and window visor and threw it on his wifes Merceds C320.

so we hustle of to AJ Latteri's and he is suiting up and gettin ready to go out in his white lotus. awesome. Kenny Chieu is also hangin out with AJ in pit. Kenny has a pretty damn legit MR-S thats setup beautifully that he drove up from So Cal too. haha. we had all gone out to dinner at the wynn the night before so we had a chance to chat and talk about a plan of attack. great guy. check out his blog. haha i googled you dude. AJ went out, and i went back to the AE camp. Kenny came over to hang out and chat. a little while later AJ comes over in his street clothes. 3rd gear had blown in the little white monster. great. Kenny had been worried to cause his car was knocking a bit. another point to vegas. we were losing the game horribly at this point.

so out of the army of cars we were running only 2 came out of the weekend unscathed. 996 Turbo and Boxster Cup car. 2 out 8 survived the mess. funny cause it was 2 out of 8 that were out the beginning of race day. thanks alot vegas. we left with our tails behind our legs on this one.

fuck it. keep rollin thats what i say.

Friday, April 23, 2010

check this vid below out. trailer for a series im def lookin forawrd to. its like a gorillaz/tokyo drift/risky devil kinda thing goin on. pretty damn dope.

im out to redline time attack for the weekend. see you all when i get back. have a great weekend.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

internet car forums. what a place for witnessing massive failure, impressive builds, a wealth of information, and the insecurity of most male characters. i can hardly stomach the daily onslaught of crap that gets spewed from the vast majority of members on several forums. but the thing that bothers me most, and ill call out just one forum here, clublexus moderators.

i got a stern talkin to the other day about baiting people for arguments of the use of their ISF. mr. burke had posted a thread on the install of his OS diff. i posted a response saying, hey, glad to see the pics are up, but i dont think any of these owners care about being on track, theyd rather have loud exhausts and pose for pictures in parking lots. or something to that extent, but you get the gist of what im sayin right? right. DAVEGS4, ZOMG super mod, got uppity and edited my post. sayin i shouldnt bait people blah blah blah. if you dont like my post and what i say, then ban me. but leave my post alone, so everyone can see that im calling them out. this is america jack, and ill say what i want, when i want.

another issue with forums, the goals of most members are horribly skewed and unrealistic. and they love to spout terms they know nothing about. here are a few of my favorites

-unsprung weight
-power to weight ratio
-hp per liter

these terms are stupid for street driven cars. which, regardless of what mods they have, thats what their cars are. what i love the most is how these guys call themselves weekend warriors. its like really? weekend warrior? so youre at the track MOST weekends out of the year? im usually at the track about 2 times a month, i never see your car there. of course theres always an excuse, oh my car isnt ready, i need to get these parts put on before i can go. well, the answer is, no you dont. ive seen plenty of stock crapboxes run around on track. i respect the guy with the old school ford escort hammering it out on the track more than you. why? because hes doin the thing, and not talkin on forums about it. to explain my rage for instance, i went as far as offering to pay for 50 percent of registration fees to a track day. i had 2 responses. one from a guy that was already registered, and another guy that was already comin with us. my goal was to get more people interested. but, like i said above, theyd rather pose for pictures in a parking lot.

and thats it for my rant. internet forums = fail.

Friday, April 9, 2010

carbon carbon.

so this is the new shit. Carbon Fiber Mac Strut and Upright. this particular setup is for the next wave of small, compact cars. full carbon upright, and strut, fiberglass "spring", and a plastic top hat. makes for a near 10 pound weight reduction per corner. not too shabby. perhaps a set for the SC is needed to help with the rapid weight loss program she is on. but yeah, what a beautiful piece of machinery, maybe its wasted on small cars. maybe not.

info here.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

safety first.

this kit is so subtle, its hard to tell its even there. but it is, and its so clean. now on the super bright gramlights. but just for a test. god it looks good. needs a bit less gap in front, and its perfect.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

moto surf.

well, the weather has been spectacular. im going to take delivery of the big red track beast. should be fun. ill be using it as a streetfighter. the plastics will be reserved for the track. we even broke out the mini bike this weekend to hoon it up. nice and fun, takes me back to the old days. glad to have a bike again.