Saturday, April 17, 2010

internet car forums. what a place for witnessing massive failure, impressive builds, a wealth of information, and the insecurity of most male characters. i can hardly stomach the daily onslaught of crap that gets spewed from the vast majority of members on several forums. but the thing that bothers me most, and ill call out just one forum here, clublexus moderators.

i got a stern talkin to the other day about baiting people for arguments of the use of their ISF. mr. burke had posted a thread on the install of his OS diff. i posted a response saying, hey, glad to see the pics are up, but i dont think any of these owners care about being on track, theyd rather have loud exhausts and pose for pictures in parking lots. or something to that extent, but you get the gist of what im sayin right? right. DAVEGS4, ZOMG super mod, got uppity and edited my post. sayin i shouldnt bait people blah blah blah. if you dont like my post and what i say, then ban me. but leave my post alone, so everyone can see that im calling them out. this is america jack, and ill say what i want, when i want.

another issue with forums, the goals of most members are horribly skewed and unrealistic. and they love to spout terms they know nothing about. here are a few of my favorites

-unsprung weight
-power to weight ratio
-hp per liter

these terms are stupid for street driven cars. which, regardless of what mods they have, thats what their cars are. what i love the most is how these guys call themselves weekend warriors. its like really? weekend warrior? so youre at the track MOST weekends out of the year? im usually at the track about 2 times a month, i never see your car there. of course theres always an excuse, oh my car isnt ready, i need to get these parts put on before i can go. well, the answer is, no you dont. ive seen plenty of stock crapboxes run around on track. i respect the guy with the old school ford escort hammering it out on the track more than you. why? because hes doin the thing, and not talkin on forums about it. to explain my rage for instance, i went as far as offering to pay for 50 percent of registration fees to a track day. i had 2 responses. one from a guy that was already registered, and another guy that was already comin with us. my goal was to get more people interested. but, like i said above, theyd rather pose for pictures in a parking lot.

and thats it for my rant. internet forums = fail.


  1. Couldn't agree with you more. I've seen moderators on forums power trip because of this small minority power that they have. I rarely post on Club Lexus but I understand where you are coming from. They feel that what they think is best for the overall forum. Your also right about people thinking they know it all in forums. Most people should be more honest and try to learn but thats not what I always see and people tend to be smartasses. A lot of the people that do own Lexus's baby and act like its a historical car. I say X all that and take it to the track instead of talking the talk.

    I seriously commend guys that track their cars whether its drift,auto-x,time attack or any form of motorsports. Just to be out there instead of talking the talking. I'd love to even be able to have a time attack. I was at a track last year for the first time as a photographer. I was happy enough to be around motorsports enthusiast.

    I never asked you Dang for your shop do you guys track cars?

  2. we definitely track em. all kinds too. main cars are, E46 M3, ISF, Turbo EG civic, DC2 Integra, funky CRX and several bikes too. ill have more pics of this season since i have a proper camera now.

  3. Couldn't agree more, intro paragraph= pure genius. But you've got to watch what you say, not only is this America but it's the internet... what a clown this DAVEGS4 is. He couldn't graduate Tool Academy.

  4. @Dangle, please please post pics of EG and DC2. I have eternal love for these cars, If I could afford it, I would live my life on the track, Sadley, I just live my fantasy online.

  5. Great post dude. Couldn't agree with you more.

  6. the terms you listed made me think Honda owners