Saturday, May 15, 2010

booze life.

normally, id only talk cars here, but last night was somethin special. so i get a call to go to santa monica for a Laphroaig (pronounced La-Froy) tasting. now, ive been to several tastings in the past year, and theyve all been different. some brands you get alot of pours, some brands you get a little. Laphroaig was definitely not the latter. they served up 18 year, 25 year, and 10 year cask strength. all for the low low price of free. fantastic. well, i paid parking and for a beer at the bar. the presentation as nice, and set in the outdoor lounge at the Shangri-La hotel on Ocean. swanky type place that i normally wouldnt be caught at. but hey, free scotch calls. appetizers are brought out, the rep from Laphroaig goes up on stage, Mr. Simon Brooking. his job is to basically be the life of the party. and what a presenter, he was. keeping everyone laughing and having a good time isnt easy. but a little bit of high dollar scotch always helps.

so the drinks keep pouring, and the crowd is goin nutso. i meet up with some friends of a friend, and we end up hangin around for a while to kill time before our dinner reservation which we managed to miss completely. but for good reason, while we were waiting Simon comes over and asks us if we enjoyed the scotch. well, what bad things could we say? none, whatsoever. he excuses himself, and comes back a few minutes later with 2 bottles in hand. one, unavailable for the US, bottle of Laphroaig Triple Wood, and one Ardmore 30 year. our jaws collectively dropped. lets pour. now, im not gonna get into tasting talk and this and that, just trust me, in that it was amazing. so, good reason for missing the dinner reservation right? yeah, of course, a free bottle of scotch worth over 400 dollars, and one free bottle that you cant even get in the states. id say thats a good way to end a friday night in So Cal.

man in the kilt, Mr Simon Brooking.

the 400 dollar bottle of Ardmore 30

and the super, Laphroaig Triple Wood

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