Monday, May 31, 2010

track stars.

may, as always, turns into the busiest month of the year. i started a new job with ford. im in the middle of starting all of my ford certs, then i move to diesel training. should be fun, the money is pretty good, so im not complaining. we ran off to button willow on my day off this week to hang out with the lotus challenge guys and their personal track day. it was so nice. the roster was under 20 cars, and it was an all day free for all. well, they paid to get in, but you get where im going. scooby brought out his super hatch. i finally got to get some pics of it. i think someone had asked me to post up pics of the hatch, so there you go. ill have more up in another entry dedicated to his car. its an awesome piece of work. he basically did all the work himself, and machined most of the parts for the suspension. his sway bar setup alone put its way ahead of most cars on track.

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