Monday, October 11, 2010

hectic. thats one way to put it. my apologies for this dying. ive got the internet at work now, so i can resume posting a little more regularly. met up with the fam at formula d this past weekend at none other than irwindale. i really have no desire to go to these events other than to support my friends and maybe get some shirts or whatever on the cheap. i met up with alex pfeiffer, will roegge, and the mayday garage crew. all cool homies. this was the first time i met up with JohnP from mayday, since they reside in the lone star state. nice to meet a fan of my crappy work. i think im a bigger fan of their stuff. all good though, always cool to meet a new group of homies.

what have i been doin. well i went to vietnam for almost a month. so much shit happened i cant even begin to describe. its just one of those, if you werent there, you cant fathom it. above is a pic of a motor i will have a hand in building if my scheduling works right. ive been employed at a ford dealership for the past few months, im undergoing diesel mechanic training. but my background in smog has been pushing me forward there too. its a pretty laid back place. i like it. back to the motor. its a dLi (dick landy inc.) spec/bonneville spec flathead, built by none other than mike landy. sitting atop it are 2 holleys and a BDS blower. a moldex crank, and manley internals. nothing was spared for this build. the sad thing, after he built it a decade ago, it sat on the stand. other than the dyno test this motor has not been run on the salt. its back now to be converted to mechanical injection, and to change over to a vortech style centrifugal blower. much like the ron main setup that mike also built. you may know it in the flatfire bonneville streamliner. anyhow, thats been life in a fast nutshell.

oh ill have more news on the ISF too as soon as we get to align the planets and make time to track it.


  1. Good luck with the Ford diesel training. Have fun with those 6.0Ls...

  2. thanks clark. lotta 6.4 issues. and now some for the 6.7