Thursday, November 4, 2010

i have alot of issue with modifying cars for a living. mainly because of internet forums and youtube. ill just chalk it up to the internet being the problem. the DIY sections are great for people that are mechanically inclined. not so much for the idiot that thinks he can do anything. the idiots usually mess things up further, and cause me headaches in order to fix the issue. if its an electrical nightmare, i will flat out turn them away.

i was asked to do a portmatch, throttle body to manifold. thats fine, not a difficult thing but time consuming. quoted them about 200. they were immediately offended because the youtube video they saw only lasted 5 minutes. so in their mind it was wrong for me to charge them 200 dollars for a 5 minute job. and wondering why it was a 2-3 day turnaround. hmm. so if the video only lasts so long, thats how long the job should take. this coming from someone who has no experience in anything mechanical. going from a 64mm opening to 70mm. 6mm difference. gonna take a little longer than 5 minutes. i feel like just turning these idiots away.

im thoroughly fed up with these car communities and the low lives that inhabit them now. yeah i know there always the pockets of good people and i find them here and there, thats fine. but forums and car meets are a thing of the past, now ill be honest, ill look at forums for info on cars but i wont be going to meets and get togethers. its all just a bunch of weird people that are socially awkward anyway.

lately there has been quite a bit of theft. first for me was when carl rydquists porsche was stolen shortly after his victory in the las vegas redline time attack event. then i hear of one of the cobb guys gettin their trailer jacked. after that i think, was when alex pfeiffer got his helmet snaked at the vegas formula d. and now i hear of cody parkhouse getting his car AND trailer stolen from long beach. what the fuck man? low lives just stealing cars and gear just cause they cant do it themselves. i dont understand how people can stoop that low and sleep at night. they deserve all the bad shit that happens to them. i hope they rot.