Tuesday, November 29, 2011

bits and pieces.

an engine interests me like no other. its a mass of plastic, metal and liquid. all working together at a furious pace to propel you down the road or track. theres just something about metal parts rotating with the aid of some lubricant that makes me wonder. these are parts that weigh a good amount spinning at a blistering pace, for sometimes hours at a time. yet, its safe to drive them down the street to your grandmas house. there are also several explosions per second going on with this almost impossible feat. yet, here we are.

Monday, October 31, 2011



i just wanna go fast.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

there is an intesity with competition driving that only comes with certain people. F1 drivers have it, the stewards certainly dont. aggressive driving seems to be punished and its quite annoying to read about. there is a quote from ayrton senna that sums it all up. its being used more and more since the senna film was relased. im not gonna post it here im sure you can find it if you look around enough. racing is not about going out there and playing nice and a fun time. if you want fun, go to a track day. racing is competition, the other guy is not out there to let up and put you in front. you must push, and you must fight your way to the front line.

racing is a business, and i understand. but it should not be soiled by money, politics or beauracracy. it should only be dictated by performance of the machine and the driver skill. the engineering that goes into it is in the millions of dollars and it is understood by so few. the skill of driving involved is mastered by so few. this is what put its out from just driving around in circles. the athleticism it takes to drive a car extremely fast for long periods of time is mind bending. yet, simple people just see it as driving round again and again.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

haters, gonna hate.

its a corny ass line but its true. theres nothing you can do about it. you got your car to your liking? good, keep it that way. dont worry about some asshole on the internet talkin shit. especially from me. hahaha. i would say if these idiots would focus that hate energy they could have something cool, but i doubt they have that kind of talent or skill. just able to talk shit on the internet where someone cant reach out and bitch slap em. or punch em in the face. trust me, you get humble real fast when someone tougher than you clocks you one.

Friday, July 15, 2011

viewing glass.

ive never associated myself with any scene or style. i dont just like drift cars, i dont just like hot rods, and i dont just like motorcycles. it just isnt right to limit myself to one style or group of things. my earliest memory of motorsport was seeing a superbike race on tv at my aunts house in san diego. im not gonna google it to find out who was racing and name them like the other pretentious bloggers out there. i couldnt tell you who was on what bike. but i can say that from then on my goal was to drag my knee like they were doing on any race track that i could find. it just progressed from there.

my whole family is comprised of fast drivers. i think between my dad and his brothers they have more speeding tickets than we can count. so its only logical that, that kind of behavior would trickle down to me. we have always been a very technical family, extremely blue collar as i had stated in my last post. we never called in repairmen, we just fixed it all ourselves as best we could. and we learn. always take the time to learn.

when i was growing up, i always took my things apart. toys, bicycles, skateboard, whatever was around. sometimes i wouldnt be able to put it back together but dad was always there to lend a guiding hand. i owe all of my abilities to my father. and i owe my sensibilities to my mother. there are no other people on this planet that i respect more.

in building my cars and bikes, it was never for anyone but myself. they were never to be featured in articles, never to gain praise at events. the pure satisfaction that when i walk up to the driveway and see my car, i will enjoy every second of driving it. and knowing full well that i had my hand in constructing it. every nut, bolt, and clamp turned by my hand. im in the middle of putting the car back together and reconstructing the bike for street use. though, things will be put on a bit of hold for a few months while i take off for vacation.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blue Collar life.

recently ive been reading up on mike rowe. he is on a PR push to bring back the respect of a blue collar job. he basically says that america has alienated the blue collar laborer and forgotten all about where we came from. we have become a nation that celebrates shortcuts and shortcomings. my parents always taught me that hard work pays off and the quick easy money, goes away just as quick and easy. both of my parents came to the US with little to no money, and a duffel bag with clothes. they arrived on US soil with my older brother and mom was pregnant with me. and here we are, business owner, homeowner and successful. sure we arent stupid rich, but we are comfortable and able to maintain our lives during this time of financial uncertainty.

mike rowe celebrates the fact that people like my parents are out there willing to do the jobs that most look down on. and i salute him for that. he recently testified in front of the US Senate on this issue. issue being the lack of labor in this country. he urges them to back his stand on hard work and skilled labor. there are 200,000 jobs available for manufacturing in the US and they arent filled. there is a high unemployment rate, yet a labor shortage at the same time. why? because people dont wanna do hard work anymore. they would rather push it off to the next guy. there is no respect for people that are not afraid of hard work. we are painted as slovenly, dirty creatures. the roads we drive on, the food we eat, the energy that powers our homes? there are people out there working away to keep our country going. and like he says, the skill gap is growing and we need to close it. there is an illusion that a 4 year degree guarantees some kind of success. i learned a long time ago that it doesnt. there are very few people that i know, with college degrees that actually work in the field that they went to school for. everyone else has some mediocre job that they barely get paid for and has nothing to do with their degree.

i love the united states. i just dont love what the people are doing to it. this campaign hits close to home for me. and i will do nothing but support it and spread the word where i can. follow the link below to a short video mike did outlining what he testified to the US Senate.

mike rowe vid

Thursday, June 23, 2011

oh, right. i went to Montreal for the GP. it was excellent. the booze was sweet, the women were beautiful and the tickets were free.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ive been away. for a while now... i still keep up on blogs and check out what i can but most of em are just reposts and just filler. id like to thank mickie and marko on the east coast for keeping shit real. we all share the same amount of contempt for this industry/society. ive been getting messages from people on forums telling me they keep up with the blog and id like to thank them too for the continuous support. please leave a message or comment so i know youre out there. otherwise i just wont know.

its been a busy year so far. currently gettin the final shit nailed/bolted down to the flathead so it can go in the car and be tested before speed week in bonneville. i will be attending to offer support. and if that wasnt exciting enough ill be booking a trip to montreal for the Canadian GP. ive been fortunate enough to attend almost every kind of race there is, and im not gonna stop now, even if it breaks the bank.

aside from automotive news im lookin for a butcher course to attend. if you have any ideas/insight, please drop a line. i love to cook but i just feel like cutting/butchering meat is more along my lines of interest.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a real peach.

id like you to meet the mill for the McLaren MP4-12C.

Sunday, January 9, 2011