Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ive been away. for a while now... i still keep up on blogs and check out what i can but most of em are just reposts and just filler. id like to thank mickie and marko on the east coast for keeping shit real. we all share the same amount of contempt for this industry/society. ive been getting messages from people on forums telling me they keep up with the blog and id like to thank them too for the continuous support. please leave a message or comment so i know youre out there. otherwise i just wont know.

its been a busy year so far. currently gettin the final shit nailed/bolted down to the flathead so it can go in the car and be tested before speed week in bonneville. i will be attending to offer support. and if that wasnt exciting enough ill be booking a trip to montreal for the Canadian GP. ive been fortunate enough to attend almost every kind of race there is, and im not gonna stop now, even if it breaks the bank.

aside from automotive news im lookin for a butcher course to attend. if you have any ideas/insight, please drop a line. i love to cook but i just feel like cutting/butchering meat is more along my lines of interest.