Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blue Collar life.

recently ive been reading up on mike rowe. he is on a PR push to bring back the respect of a blue collar job. he basically says that america has alienated the blue collar laborer and forgotten all about where we came from. we have become a nation that celebrates shortcuts and shortcomings. my parents always taught me that hard work pays off and the quick easy money, goes away just as quick and easy. both of my parents came to the US with little to no money, and a duffel bag with clothes. they arrived on US soil with my older brother and mom was pregnant with me. and here we are, business owner, homeowner and successful. sure we arent stupid rich, but we are comfortable and able to maintain our lives during this time of financial uncertainty.

mike rowe celebrates the fact that people like my parents are out there willing to do the jobs that most look down on. and i salute him for that. he recently testified in front of the US Senate on this issue. issue being the lack of labor in this country. he urges them to back his stand on hard work and skilled labor. there are 200,000 jobs available for manufacturing in the US and they arent filled. there is a high unemployment rate, yet a labor shortage at the same time. why? because people dont wanna do hard work anymore. they would rather push it off to the next guy. there is no respect for people that are not afraid of hard work. we are painted as slovenly, dirty creatures. the roads we drive on, the food we eat, the energy that powers our homes? there are people out there working away to keep our country going. and like he says, the skill gap is growing and we need to close it. there is an illusion that a 4 year degree guarantees some kind of success. i learned a long time ago that it doesnt. there are very few people that i know, with college degrees that actually work in the field that they went to school for. everyone else has some mediocre job that they barely get paid for and has nothing to do with their degree.

i love the united states. i just dont love what the people are doing to it. this campaign hits close to home for me. and i will do nothing but support it and spread the word where i can. follow the link below to a short video mike did outlining what he testified to the US Senate.

mike rowe vid

Thursday, June 23, 2011

oh, right. i went to Montreal for the GP. it was excellent. the booze was sweet, the women were beautiful and the tickets were free.