Friday, July 15, 2011

viewing glass.

ive never associated myself with any scene or style. i dont just like drift cars, i dont just like hot rods, and i dont just like motorcycles. it just isnt right to limit myself to one style or group of things. my earliest memory of motorsport was seeing a superbike race on tv at my aunts house in san diego. im not gonna google it to find out who was racing and name them like the other pretentious bloggers out there. i couldnt tell you who was on what bike. but i can say that from then on my goal was to drag my knee like they were doing on any race track that i could find. it just progressed from there.

my whole family is comprised of fast drivers. i think between my dad and his brothers they have more speeding tickets than we can count. so its only logical that, that kind of behavior would trickle down to me. we have always been a very technical family, extremely blue collar as i had stated in my last post. we never called in repairmen, we just fixed it all ourselves as best we could. and we learn. always take the time to learn.

when i was growing up, i always took my things apart. toys, bicycles, skateboard, whatever was around. sometimes i wouldnt be able to put it back together but dad was always there to lend a guiding hand. i owe all of my abilities to my father. and i owe my sensibilities to my mother. there are no other people on this planet that i respect more.

in building my cars and bikes, it was never for anyone but myself. they were never to be featured in articles, never to gain praise at events. the pure satisfaction that when i walk up to the driveway and see my car, i will enjoy every second of driving it. and knowing full well that i had my hand in constructing it. every nut, bolt, and clamp turned by my hand. im in the middle of putting the car back together and reconstructing the bike for street use. though, things will be put on a bit of hold for a few months while i take off for vacation.