Wednesday, August 31, 2011

there is an intesity with competition driving that only comes with certain people. F1 drivers have it, the stewards certainly dont. aggressive driving seems to be punished and its quite annoying to read about. there is a quote from ayrton senna that sums it all up. its being used more and more since the senna film was relased. im not gonna post it here im sure you can find it if you look around enough. racing is not about going out there and playing nice and a fun time. if you want fun, go to a track day. racing is competition, the other guy is not out there to let up and put you in front. you must push, and you must fight your way to the front line.

racing is a business, and i understand. but it should not be soiled by money, politics or beauracracy. it should only be dictated by performance of the machine and the driver skill. the engineering that goes into it is in the millions of dollars and it is understood by so few. the skill of driving involved is mastered by so few. this is what put its out from just driving around in circles. the athleticism it takes to drive a car extremely fast for long periods of time is mind bending. yet, simple people just see it as driving round again and again.


  1. Everything eventually always gets ruined because of money being generated and thats how politics and bureaucracy handle finance. Money dictates how people react and operate.

  2. You mean "Welcome to my world. The world of red bull" type of thing? You can't have F1 without money, and vice versa.

    I guess the days of black and white photos of people racing with barely any safety equipment with no air condition trailers waiting for them in the pits are gone.

    Still love my "track days".