Sunday, May 25, 2014

Limelight..or something...

I've come to be a private person over the years, so I don't like people that are invasive in nature. I no longer talk to some people that I've met in the car world because they were a bit on the prying/overbearing side. I like my space, and my good friends know when to leave me alone, and when to come over for beers and a BBQ. I understand that this blog, and blog post is contradictory to the point I'm trying to get across but, I felt that it was time to put this together in a post. It's also been a really long time since I updated this. A lot of people ask me what it is that I do for a living. I usually try to give a pretty vague answer. I don't actually like to talk about a lot of my projects in depth, because most of them are customer builds and its up to them to publish those specs. I'll post a random photo from time to time though. What we do in general is not actually legal, I don't want to try to sound like an outlaw, but its the truth. The engines aren't built with emissions/manufacturer guidelines in mind. The suspension and braking parts aren't sold or meant for public road use. Although driver safety is the TOP priority. The interior equipment is not built for normal street use without proper driver safety equipment. We drive them fast and hard on public streets. We speed on the highway, we take them on public roads to race on track. It's all for the thrills that very few people have come to know. I really don't like people knowing where they are built or what goes into them. There has been an alarming number of property stolen, and that is the last thing I want for myself and customer to go through. It's such a helpless feeling to know that something you poured your heart and soul into was taken from you. But, that's a whole other road I don't want to go down at the moment. Thanks for reading.

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